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Edamame ( Glycine max )

Other names: Eda Mame, edible soybean, vegetable soybean, green soybean, green vegetable soybean, Mao Dou (Mao Dow, Chinese ), Zhi Dou (Chinese ), Dau Nanh Rau (Vietnamese).

Edamame is a Japanese name, meaning 'beans on a branch'. It is a green vegetable soybean, rich in protein (up to 40%) , high in vitamins A & B, calcium, iron, and dietary fiber. The vegetable soybean was known in China for it's nutritional / medicinal value and was consumed as a vegetable as early as second century (BCE ). It has become one of our favorite healthy / nutritious food and its production has grown rapidly worldwide.

Edamame's immature soybeans are harvested at the large green bean stage and the pods can then be sold fresh or frozen. The pods are boiled with salt or without salt for a few minutes and then shelled by hand at the table to be consumed as a snack. They're sweeter and less bean tasting than grain soybeans.

Edamame is good for garden and commercial production. It is suitable for a wide range of soil types, however, too much moisture in the soil affects the seeds sprouting. Seeds may sprout at 10C. The optimum temperatures for germination and growth is around 20-25C for most cultivars. The growing season is shorter than dry soybean. Good cultivars should have high ratio of 2- and 3-seed pods.


Edamame-Soya Pearl


Soya Pearl: 90 days. Compact plant, 40~60cm high, productive. Most pods are 3-seeded.

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