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Pea (Pisum sativum),  20-25g/100 seeds

Other names: Snow pea, Sugar pea, vegetable pea, edible-pod pea, edible-podded pea, garden pea, green pea, Snow pea shoot, Mangetout, Dow Miao, Dow Miu, Dou Miao, Wan Dou Miao, Garden peas.

Ho Lan Dow: flat podded peas, can be eaten whole.

Dou Miao (Dow Miu, Dau Miu ): young shoots and leaves, harvested from immature pea plants. Also called Pea Shoot Tips (Dou Jian in Chinese ). Can be used in stir-fry, soup and salad. Varieties with larger leaves, thick stem and without tendrils or small tendrils are better. For commercial production, usually special varieties are used to harvest Dou Miao.



Oregon Sugar Pod II:  Snow pea. Bush plants, with big leaves and thick stem. Flat pods, tender and delicious, 4~5". Highly disease resistant (DM F. PEMV PM). It is an excellent variety for growing Dou Miao. Treated seeds.

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