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Yard long bean (Vigna unguiculata subso. sesquipedalis ) 110~200g/1000 seeds

Other names: Long Bean, Asparagus Bean, Snake Bean, Chinese long bean, Chinese bean, Dau Gok, dow gauk, Cai Dou, Chang Dou, Jiang Dou, Chang Jiang Dou, Juroku-Sasage (Jan.), Taao-hla-chao (Hmong), juro-kusasagemae (Japanese), sitaw (Filipino), dau-dau (Vietnamese)



#BL1488 New!

You Fong Wong: Early maturity. Shiny green pod, 60~65 cm (24~26). Thick-skinned and tolerant to storage. Tender and delicious. Tolerant to heat and diseases. Productive. It is daylength sensitive and flowering is delayed in long-day period.

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Bush Green:A bush variety. Early maturity. The pod is average 35cm. Easy to grow without trellis.

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Noodle King: a new Chinese long bean. Early maturity. Vigorous and productive. The pod is approx. 75cm long, deep green in color.

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Green Noodle: An early variety. The plant has broad adaptability and is very productive. The tender green pods are average 50 cm long.

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Mosaic: An excellent variety for planting in fall. The plant is very productive. The pods are in purple color, less fibrous, crisp, average 40cm to 50 cm long.

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Red Noodle: An early and medium variety. The plant has good tolerance to heat and is very vigorous.  The pods are purplish red with green tips, up to 55 cm in length.

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