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Eggplant (Solanum melongena) 4.5~6g/1000 seeds (170~220 seeds/g)

Other names: Eggfruit, Brinjal , Brinjaul, Aubergine, Chinese Eggplant, Japanese Eggplant, Ngai Kwa, Qie Zi, Hon Pee Choi, Chan Che Zu, Ai Qwa.

Reference: Germination temperature: 30C/86F.  Planting density: 60cm/24"x90cm/36"

Pkt: 50 seeds . 217~325 seeds per gram.


Long Purple Chinese Eggplant


Long Purple: Mid- maturity F1 hybrid. The fruit is average 30cm long, 5.5cm wide. Purple red skin and white flesh. Good marketability. It is good for greenhouse and plastic tunnel growing.

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Petch Siam: it is a popular variety of Thai eggplants. 55 days after transplanting. Round green fruits with dark green strips, average 5 cm in diameter and 40~60 gram.

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Bao Purple Eggplant


Bao Purple, F1: a new hybrid.  The fruits are shiny purple, oval shaped, approx. 260g. Disease resistant.

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Farmers' Long Eggplant


Farmers' Long F1: Early maturity. This Taiwan hybrid is vigorous and prolific. Purple red fruits are similar to Pingtung Long in shape and have good quality. Higher yield than Pingtung Long.

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Chinese eggplant-Black Champion


Black Champion: Bright black color. Fine flesh and less seeds. Up to  40 cm long. The plants are disease resistant and high yielding.

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White Princess Hybrid Eggplant


White Princess F1: An early-maturity hybrid. The plant is strong and productive. The fruit is 23~25cm long, average 5cm wide, with green calyx and pure white skin. Very tender and great taste. Suitable for both open field and greenhouse.

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Oval Green Eggplant


Oval Green: F1 hybrid. Early to medium maturity ( approx. 110 days ). The fruits are shiny green, oval shaped, up to 400g. Disease resistant.

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