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Hairy Gourd (Benincasa hispida var. chieh-gua) 38~43g/1000 seeds

Other names: haired gourd, fuzzy gourd, fuzzy squash, Mao Gua, Mao Qua, Mokwa, Mo Kwa, Hairy Cucumber, Joined Gourd, Jie Gua, Tsi Chewie, Dong Kiang, Tung Chewie, Tsit Gua, small winter melon.

Optimum germination temperature: 30-32C .

Pkt: 25 seeds. 21~25 seeds per gram.



Fong Show F1: early to medium maturity. Dark green fruit, 20~25 x 5~6 cm. Vigorous and productive.

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New Jang Sin F1: Short fruit hybrid. Early matruity. It grows vigorously. Heat tolerant and stress tolerant. The fruits are 15 cm long and 5.5 in diameter, with dark green and hairy skin.

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Fuzzy Star F1: Hybrid. 55~65 days from transplanting. Beautiful dark green fruits with light-color stars, 25~30cm long, 7~8cm wide.

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