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Hot and Chinese Pepper (Capsicum annuum, C.frutescens, C. chinense ) 6-7g/1000 seeds

Pkt: 50 seeds. 121~215 seeds per gram.



Dan Fong F1: A Thai-type hybrid. Also called Chao Tian Jiao (Facing Heaven Chile) by Chinese. Medium maturity. Productive, average fruit size is 5 cm long. Very hot.

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XG Hot F1: Hybrid jalapeno. Early maturity. Average fruit size 10cm x 4cm, 40g

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Dalong D11 F1:  60 days after transplant. Vigorous and productive. Heat and cold tolerant. Yellowish green fruit, 25~30cm X 4~5cm, up to 130g.

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Long Hot H F1:  Early maturity. Big cayenne pepper. Green twisted fruits. medium hot, 25~30cm X 3~4cm, 50~80g.

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Super Banana F1: 65 days after transplant. hybrid, hot banana type. Shiny yellow fruits, approx. 20cm x 3.0~3.5cm, 60~80g. Vigorous growing and productive.

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Happy Birds F1: Hybrid, a Thai bird-type hot pepper. Also called Chao Tiao Jiao (Facing Heaven Chile ) by Chinese. Medium maturity. Shiny red fruits, approx. 10 fruits per cluster, 5~7cm long. Very Hot!  More pictures

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Lu Mei F1: Early maturity. High Yielding. Shiny green fruits, uniform, approx. 20cm long. Mild hot.

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