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Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annuum ) 5-7g/1000 seeds

Pkt: 50 seeds. 140~170 seeds per gram.


#PS1430 New!

Mellow Star F1: Japanese shishito pepper. Wrinkled fruits with thin skin. Sweet and mild taste, no heat. The plant is vigorous and productive. It is good for stir fries, salad and Japanese tempura.

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Accord F1: This is a special hybrid sweet pepper with a taste of hot pepper or only a bit warm. It is popular among Asian cuisine. Early maturity and high yielding. Green fruits are average 15cm long, turning shiny red when ripe. Can be planted both in greenhouse and open field.

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Bell Beijing: F1 hybrid. 4 lobed green fruits. Average 10x9 cm and up to 260g in weight. Vigorously growing, tolerant to heat and humidity. Resistant to virus and bacterial wilt.

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