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Winter Squash and Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima, C. moschata) 180-220g/1000 seeds

Other names: Kabocha, Japanese squash, Japanese pumpkin, winter squash, oriental squash, pumpkin, Asian pumpkin.

Pkt: 20 seeds. 5.4~12 seeds per gram.


#SW1423 New!

Sweet Splendor F1:  A new excellent winter squash. 80~90 days after transplanting. Flat fruit in grayish red color and deep orange flesh. 3.5~4.5 LBS. Resistant to CMV. Great sweet taste. Vigorous and high yielding.

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#SW1325 New!

Chinese Miben F1: Medium maturity. Reddish grey fruit with deep orange flesh. Sweet and tasty. Vigorous and high yielding. Wide adaptability. Good for shipping and storage.

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Zao Feng F1: Early maturity. Dark green fruits, with grey strips, flat-round, 1.5-2.0kg, 2~3 fruits per plant. Orange flesh is dry, nutty and sweet.

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Fairytale(C. moschata): 110-120 days. a French heirloom. The fruits are dark green when immature, but turn into mohagony color at maturity. Large fruits, 5-8kg, with thick, deep orange and sweet flesh.

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Asian Pumpkin-Super Mama hybrid


Super Mama F1(C. maxima ): an Asian-type hybrid pumpkin, 95-105 days. Flat fruits, excellent taste. Mature fruits are 4-6kg, with yellow/orange and sweet flesh. The plants are tolerant to Downy and Powdery Mildew, productive, with 3-4 fruits per plant. Immature fruits can also be harvested depending on market.

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Litian Impr. F1: a kabocha hybrid, 85-95 days. Dark green fruits, with grey strips, flat round, 1.5-2.0kg, average 2 fruits per plant. Flesh is deep yellow, dry, nutty and sweet.

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