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Winter Gourd (Benincasa hispida)  approx. 40g/1000 seeds

Other names: Winter melon, Wax gourd, Ash Gourd, Christmas Melon, Dong Gwa, Dong Gua, Tung Gwa, Bi Bee, Large Fuzzy Melon, Tallow Gourd, Chinese Wax Gourd, Kamo-Uri, Bleego, Beligo, Koondoor, Kundur; Tankoy, Kundol (Filipino ); Petha, Kaddu ( Indian ); Tougan, Tohgan (Japanese ).

Seed pre-treatment and germination are recommended: pre-soak the seeds in hot water at 45C~ 55C for 20 minutes, then soak them in warm water at 30C for 24 hours. Optimum germination temperature: 30-32C .

Pkt: 25 seeds. 23~27 seeds per gram.



Wax Boy F1: A new hybrid. 90~ 100 days. Vigorous growing. Up to 10Kg. more picutures

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Black Giant F1: A new hybrid. Vigorous growing. Dark green, oblong fruits, up to 20Kg.

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Canton Giant: A late variety. It is very popular in South China. Large oblong fruits in deep green, with little wax, up to 20Kg. Tolerant to storage and shipment.

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