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Chinese chive ( Allium tuberosum Rottler) 3-4g/1000 seeds

Other names: Chinese leek, garlic chives, Oriental chives, Chinese chive flower stalk, yellow Chinese chives, Jiu Cai, Gow Choy, Gow Choi, Nira.

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Dah Ye: Winter-dormant type. The plant is up to 45cm tall. Deep green leaves are average 1cm wide. Excellent cold tolerance, fast growing, especially in early spring and high yielding. Excellent garlic flavor. Especially suitable for open field and greenhouse.

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Tai Jiu: This variety is suitable for flowering stalk. The plant is approx. 45 cm tall with deep green leaves. The stalk is approx. 40 cm. and can be harvested from late March to late September when grown in greenhouse, and from late April to October when grown in the field. Going through low temperature (e.g. winter) is necessary for flowering.

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