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Chinese Celery (Apium graveolens )

Other names: Gin Cai, Kun Choy, Kan Tsoi, Oriental Celery, Chinese Small Celery, Seri-Na (Jan.)

Two categories of Chinese celery exist: Green Chinese celery and White Chinese celery. The former is taller, with green petioles, high yielding, more aromatic. Green Chinese celery can be divided into Solid Chinese celery, which has solid petioles and Hollow Chinese celery with a hollow core inside the petiole. Solid Chinese celery is slow bolting and tolerant to storage and shipment. Hollow Chinese celery is easy bolting in spring, but tolerant to heat and suitable for summer cropping.

White Chinese celery: yellowish white or white petioles with green leaves. Popular in some southern part of China. 

Pkt: 700~1200 seeds. 700~1200 seeds per gram.



Light Green:Cold tolerant and slow bolting. Solid and light green stalk.

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Tianjin Green:a typical Chinese celery. Cold tolerant and slow bolting. Solid and green stalk.

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BolyA green variety. Solid-petiole type.  90-100 days after sowing. The plant reaches up to 80 cm in height, and approx. 500 grams in weight. It is less fibrous, crisp and delicious. Resistant to leaf spot and virus. Resistant to leaf spot and virus and tolerant both to heat and cold, thus suitable for broad areas. Good for both protection and open field production in spring and fall.

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