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Chinese kale (Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra) 3.5-4g/1000 seeds

Other names: Chinese broccoli, Kailaan, Kai Lan, Kailan, Gai Lan, Guy Lon, Whiter Flowering Broccoli, Gaai Laan, Jie Lan, Kai Lan Tsoi, Gelancai, Chair Lan, Kairan, Gailon.

Pkt: 380~520 seeds. 190~260 seeds per gram.



Noble Jade F1: Hybrid. 50~55days. Vigorous, uniform. Dark green leaves with less wax. Shorter than Green Jade.

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Green Jade F1: Hybrid. 45-50 days. Vigorous, uniform. Thick stem with long internodes. Disease resistant. Dark green leaves with less wax. Good for Gailan and Gailan Miao.

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Green Island F1: This special hybrid is a great combination of Broccolini and broccoli. 45-50 days for this first harvest of main stalks. Multi-cut of the lateral branches is possible. Recommended planting density: 50cmx50cm.

Also called: flowering Chinese kale (broccoli ), baby broccoli, broccolini, broccolette, broccoletti.

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