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Choy Sum (Brassica chinensis var. parachinensis, B.campestris L.ssp.chinensis var. utilis Tsen.et Lee)

Other names: Yu Choy, Yu Choy Sum, Cantonese Pak Choy, Cai Xin, Tsoi Sim, Yiu Tsai, Tsai Hsin, Yintsai Sim, Edible rape, Hon Tsai Tai (Hontsaitai), Red Choy Sum.

Pkt:500~1000 seeds. 450~500 seeds per gram.


#YC1300 New!

Green 49, Impr:  Early Maturity. A new variety of "Green 49" series. The stem is thicker and the petioles are shorter than Green 49.

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New 80 Days: This is a new late variety. Tolerant to cold weather. Dark green leaves and thick stem. It is similar to Green 80 Days, but slower bolting.  

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Green 80 Days: This is a very popular late variety of " 80 Days" series. Tolerant to cold weather and very slow bolting. Dark green leaves.

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Elite 70 Days: A popular variety of " 70 Days" series. Medium maturity. The leaves are dark green, darker than "Green 70 Days".

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Green 70 Days: A popular variety of "70 days". Medium maturity. Shiny dark green leaves.

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Late Green: A new late maturity variety, later than Yu Choy 80 Days. Tolerant to cold weather and very slow bolting. Tolerant to Powder Mildew. Dark green leaves. Tender and delicious. Planted in winter and spring in South China.

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Welcome: It belongs to Hon Tsai Tai type. An early and medium variety. It has good heat and cold tolerance and disease resistance. It grows rigorously and is productive. The stem is red purple with green leaves and looks very nice. It is tender and has excellent taste.

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