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Leaf and Heading Mustard ( Brassica juncea ) 550 seeds/gram

Other names: Mustard greens, Chinese Mustard, Indian Mustard, Mustard Cabbage, Swatow Mustard Cabbage, Bamboo Mustard Cabbage, Kai Tsai, Gai Choi,  Chuk Gai Choi, Jiu La Choi, Jie Cai, Gai Cai, kaai Tsoi, Gai Choy, Hsueh Lay Hung, Takana, Hakarashi, Karashina.


B. juncea var. multiceps: Sher Li Hon, Sher Li Hon, Suae Li Hong, Xue Li Hong, Xuelihong, Shuerifong

B. juncea var. capitata: Bao Xin Kai Tsai, Heading Mustard, Bau Sin Mustard, Bau Sin Choy.Dai Gai Choi,

B. juncea var. japonica (B. rapa var.japonica): Japanese mustard, mizuna, potherb mustard


Pkt: 480~580 seeds.  480~580 seeds per gram.


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Late Bau Sin #2 F1: 65~75 days. Relatively slow bolting. Compact head, Avg 2 LBs, with wide and thick petioles. For Fall season planting.

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Jiu Tou Niao: It is one of popular Sher Li Hon mustard greens. An heirloom variety in South China. The plant semi-upright, average 40 cm tall, with green serrated leaves. It is very capable to split. Has good mustard flavor and excellent texture.

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Shuidong : 35~45 day. Vigorous and productive. Slow bolting and tolerant to heat. Tender and tasty.

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Small Gaichoi: 35 days. A popular heirloom variety from China. Non-heading type. Shiny green leaves. Vigorous and productive. Tolerant to heat. Possible bolting in spring and cold weather.

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Feather Sherlihong: An heirloom variety of Sher Li Hong in South China. Early maturiy. Green feathery leaves and green stem. Has good mustard flavor and excellent texture. Good for microgreens

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