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Malabar Spinach (Basella alba, B. rubra ) 30~40 seeds per gram

Other names: Shan tsoi, San tsoi, Saan Choi, Muer Cai, Muer Tsai, Luo Kui, Lo Kwi, Lo Kui, Ceylon spinach, Indian spinach, surinam spinach, Vietnamese spinach, Chinese spinach, buffalo spinach, Malabar nightshade, broad Bologi

Malabar spinach is an annual vine vegetable. It is suitable for warm weather, highly tolerant to heat and humidity. Seeds are hard to germinate and germination rate is 50~70% under optimum conditions. Water soaking is recommended.  Optimum soil temperature for seed germination and growing is 25~30C.

Two types exist: green malabar spinach (Basella alba L.) and red malabar spinach (B. rubra ).

Pkt: 25 seeds. Seed count: 25~30g per 1000 seeds.



Big Round Leaf (B. alba ): Late maturity and slow bolting. Heat tolerant. Vigorous growing and very productive. Dark green and thick leaves.

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Red Stem (B. rabra ): 50 days. Red variety. Vigorous growing. Dark green and thick leaves. Shiny dark purple stem and petioles. Can be planted for ornamental purpose.

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