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Taiwan Pak Choy (Brassica pekinensis ) 2-3.5g/1000 seeds

Other names: Taiwan Bok Choi, Kwai Tsai, Kuai Choi, Kuai Cai, Baby Napa, Baby Chinese cabbage, Napa, Nappa, Wa Wa Tsai, Wa Wa Cai.

*pak=bok, boc, pac, bai, bac, bak, pe, .......
*choy=choi, tsai, tsoi, cai, .......


Pkt: 600~660 seeds. 300~330 seeds per gram.


Other Kinds of Pak Choy:

White Pak Choy

Green Pak Choy

#PW1061 New!

Dynasty: 20-25 days in the summer and 30-40 days in the fall. Bright, yellowish green, curly leaves with pure white, narrow petioles. Both heat and cold tolerant. Excellent for salad, stir-fry and soup.

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#CC1287 New!

QD-2 Express F1: Similar to Qingdao Express F1, but slower bolting. Can be planted in spring, summer and fall.

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Qingdao Express F1Loose head. Light green leaves with pure white petioles, tender and hairless. Upright and fast growing. Tolerant to heat. Can be grown in summer and fall. Possible bolting in spring and cold weather. Also called Wa Wa Tsai, Taiwan Bok Choi and Kwai Tsai in some area.

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