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Spinach (Spinacia oleracea )

Other names: Bo Tsai, Bo Cai.

Spinach is a cool weather crop. Seeds prefer to germinate in cold weather. Optimal soil temperature for emergence is 10~18 C/50~65F. It can be planted when soil is workable in spring. Higher soil temperature ( over 20C/68F) may result in sharp decrease in germination rate. Seeding in summer is not recommended.

Spinach tends to bolt (seed-stalk development and flowering ) as daylength, temperature and plant density increase. Water stress and inadequate nutrients increase bolting risk. Exposure of young plants to low temperature (4C/40F ) also increases the risk of bolting.

Approx. 70~100 seeds per gram/ 10~14 gram per thousand seeds (M)

Pkt: 300~500 seeds.



Osaka F1: Asian type. Upright. Dark green leaves with long petioles. Cold tolerant and slow bolting. Tolerant to DM 1~7. Can be planted in spring and fall. Treated seeds.

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Friendship F1: Asian type. Very dark green and thick leaves. Cold and heat tolerant, slow bolting. Can be planted in spring, summer and fall. Treated seeds.

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