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Items for Sprouts, Microgreens and Baby Leaves

Please contact us for details and bulk pricing. Minimum order applies.



South Red

Red Star

Red Beauty

Lou Sin Green

Hon Sin Red

Red Garnet

Arugula Arugula
Basil Genovese

Dark Opal

Beet Bulls Blood
Cabbage Red Acre
Chinese Chives Dah Ye
Chinese Toon North Red
Celery Boly
Choy Sum Green 80D  

Green 70D

Green 60D

Green 50D

Chrysanthemum (Shungiku) Oasis

Broad Leaf

Cress Curled Cress
Kale Red Russian 
Kohlrabi Purple Vienna
Coriander Leisure
Mustard Small Gaichoi

Jiu Tou Niao

Red Giant

Pak Choy, Green Luxiu

Tat Soi

Purple Shanghai F1

Pak Choy, White Canton Bok


Pea Pea No.2
Perilla Zi Su Purple

Qing Su Green

Bai Su Green

Asia Ip

Jeok Ssam Ip

Radish Szechuan Red

Green Luobo


Hong Vit

Super Hong Vit

Red Arrow

Sorrel Large Leaf (Rumex acetosa)


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