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Oriental radish (Raphannus sativus)  approx. 8g/1000 seeds

Other names: Chinese radish, Daikon, Luo Bo, Japanese radish, Korean radish, Green radish, Red radish, White radish, Spring radish, Lo Bok.  

Pkt: 148~272 seeds. 74~136 seeds per gram.


#RA1479 New!

Green Shoulder Spring F1: Korean green shoulder type. 60~70 days. 7~8" long,3~4" in diameter. Resistant to Club Root. Slow bolting. Small leaves and good for dense planting. Upright and uniform. Firm flesh is tender and sweet. Can be planted in spring, summer and fall.

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Green Luobo Impr: A popular green variety in North China. Green flesh with green skin is crisp, less hot. High yielding. Good resistance to diseases. Delicious and tender. For fall production. Hot weather may result in poor and small roots. This variety is good for sprouts and microgreens.

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Orient Legend F1: 50~55 days. 9~10" x 2~3". Red skin and pure white interior. Slow bolting. Tolerant to pithiness. Uniform. Crispy and sweet. Can be planted in spring and fall.

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New Green Skirt F1: Early-Maturity hybrid. High yield. Semi-upright with almost hairless leaves. Treated seeds.

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China Red F1: A new hybrid Chinese red radish. Globe shaped. Shiny deep red skin with pure white meat. Tolerant to pith. High quality.

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White Ball: Open-pollinated. Globe-shaped, pure white skin and flesh.  Juicy, crisp and excellent taste. Can be harvested in 50 days. Possible bolting in cold weather.

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New White Spring: 55~60 days. Upright. Vigorous and uniform growing. Slow bolting. Resistant to Black Rot and Downy Mildew. Suitable for spring and fall. This variety have been widely used by commercial growers both in Canada and US.

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Mantanghong ( Man Tang Hong) F1: 65~70 days. It is the most popular variety of  "Beauty Heart" series, unique of Chinese origin. Globe shaped. Red flesh with green skin. For fall season.

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