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Stem Mustard ( Brassica juncea (L.) var. tumida Tsen & Lee, B. juncea (L)  var. tsatsai Mao)      

Other names: Sichuan* (Szechuan) pickling mustard, Cha Tsoi,  Tsatsai, Tsa Tsai, Zha Cai, Cha Tsai, Mustard tube, Popotsai (Po Po Cai), Chingtoutsai (Qing Tou Cai), Katatow (Ga Da Tou), Sichuan swollen stem mustard, Big stem mustard, Yangtze river mustard, Fuling pickling mustard.

*Unique of Chinese origin and very popular in China. Tsatsai can be used in pickling and stir-fry. Sichuan is a province of China. It is famous for hot pepper and Tsa Tsai in China. Szechuan is an old English name of the province.

Szechuan Cuisine

Pkt: 350~425 seeds. 350~425 seeds per gram.



North Round:  70 days. The stem is round shaped with big bumps.  It is 9 cm to 16 cm high, 10 cm to 14 cm in diameter. Its weight is approx.250g. In light green color. For fall season growing.

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Wa Wa Gaichoi : also called Tsubomina in Japan. An heirloom stem mustard in China. The stem is crispy and delicious and can be used in stir-fry, salad, pickling. Suitable for fall season planting.

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